Blind Installations

Why Choose Shine a blind?

We manufacture our own Vertical blinds.

With our vertical slats our blinds can cover large windows, sliding doods, and large open window pieces from side to side. With this in mind you have the ability to tilt the blinds to your desired feel. This alone helps you control the suns brightness comming into your living quarters.

Why choose our vertical blinds.

We have an extreme fresh desing philosophy that caters to each and every individual. You will have a unique range of what you desire and want with fairly low cost. We also order some of our blinds from the best providers known in the industry.

Why Choose vertical blinds?

Our blinds create a soft and cozy look that fits with almost furniture setup. our customised fabric allows us to customise it to perfect size and with our wide variety of choice it will be a hassle free fit. the only thing you need to do is sit back and relax.

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